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    THE POISE PROJECT is a nonprofit with the mission of ensuring the public has broader socioeconomic access to the principles of Alexander technique (AT) to help maintain poise and personal growth throughout all stages and challenges of life. To learn more about The Poise Project and its programs, including an international AT for Parkinson’s initiative, please go to: thepoiseproject.org.
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Suggested Reading and Videos

There are a great many Alexander Technique books and DVDs available at Alexander Technique Books (USA, Canada and the UK)


For Musicians:



  • British Back Pain Study
    A  University of Southampton study published in 2008 found that back-pain patients who studied Alexander Technique gained significant improvement.
  • The British back pain study was also cited in: O, the Oprah Magazine
  • For questions and answers with Paul Little, a professor of primary care at the University of Southampton and the lead author of the British back pain study, see this New York Times blog.